Casting of PostgreSQL JSONB[] through SQL

I have JSONB column type as one of my source table column, and I am trying to cast it.

So, I was trying this :slight_smile:

SELECT CONVERT_FROM('{"{\"id\": null, \"name\": \"String\", \"uuid\": \"42c0a8900b\", \"value\": \"Incredible\", \"data_type\": \"string\"}","{\"id\": null, \"name\": \"Numbers\", \"uuid\": \"0a8900b\", \"value\": 7.779401737123659, \"data_type\": \"float\"}","{\"id\": null, \"name\": \"Bool\", \"uuid\": \"9a4a089\", \"value\": 0, \"data_type\": \"boolean\"}"}', 'json')

But, I was not able to. So, is there a way to cast such column values in dremio ?
Thanks in advance.

@BandanaPandey Does convert_from cause an error?