Does Dremio supports native json jsonb types in Postgres source?


I’m testing Dremio with a 9.6 Postgres database source : one column of my test table is of type jsonb.

In the Dremio dataset this column type is handled as text (‘Abc’), so i have to convert CONVERT_FROM(mycolumn, ‘JSON’) to build my virtual dataset and it takes significant time.

Is it the optimal solution ? or I’m missing something ? JDBC driver option ?


Hello, @thomasm

I’m trying to read a jsonb column, but Dremio is not showing it at all from my source. Did you do some trick to show those columns on your environment?

It isn’t ideal, but I was able to work around this by creating views in the database which exposed the attributes of the jsonb column that I was interested in.

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Dremio does not support JSON or JSONB types in PG at this time. We will report back if this changes.

As noted, you can work around this by passing the JSON as a string, then converting back to JSON in your VDS.

Are there any updates/plans on this? Would be so much easier to extract values in Dremio than to create and maintain views for different use cases in PG (using the method @lsowen mentioned)