Checking scripts for Dremio upgrade

Any one knows how to check the objects and configuration are same after Dremio upgrade. For example, number of users, roles, datasets etc. Correct privileges are applied and so on.
I know I can query the information_schema.tables, sys.roles, sys.users table. However, any easy way to compare the objects before and after upgrade? Thanks!


For community edition, there are no privileges and everyone is an admin. Are you using Enterprise edition?

I am using enterprise edition

@Ming If you are moving from <21.x to a version >= 21.x then it is not possible as Dremio was not storing ownership information. If the upgrade is from >=21.x to a higher version then as you said, have to compare the sys tables before and after. Currently there is nothing in the upgrade log that provides this report

Thanks for your information. Our current version is < 21.X. So, we can do nothing to make sure no objects are missed after upgrade. Please advise.

@Ming I was thinking you are asking specifically about permissions, reading your original question again, tells me you want for objects too

In general upgrades should not delete any datasets. The promoted datasets are found in information_schema.“tables”, while the views are found in information_schema.views. The only way to compare is do a pre vs post comparison of the 2 information schema objects. Are you facing an issue where some datasets are missing? Did they get unpromoted?