Collect_set equivalent hive function in dremio

We are using Dremio 21.7.x version. We have couple of Hive views and we use hive function ‘collect_set’ .we want to know equivalent hive function in dremio so that we can create VDS and create reflection on top it.

Lisagg is not supported in dremio 21.x version.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Hi Gopal,

Soon we plan to release the same functionality of COLLECT_SET (which is just COLLECT_LIST with the DISTINCT keyword), under a new ARRAY_AGG function, to which you should be able to add the DISTINCT keyword: ARRAY_AGG(DISTINCT …).
Please note that this will not be added to the v21 release, but to the upcoming v24 release, so you’ll have to upgrade to use it. The reference number for this is: PM-1813. The enhancement will be documented here: Aggregate | Dremio Documentation

Thanks, Bogdan

Thank you for your response.

In order to upgrade dremio version we need to upgrade mapr version first; which our dept is not agreeing. So not sure when that will happen :thinking:.

Is there any custom function that we can write to mimic array_agg() function?