Columnar Cloud Cache (C3)

I feel the new feature of Columnar Cloud Cache (C3) is not stable. Sometime dremio didn’t cache anything. My dremio version is 4.0.2.


How did you arrive at the conclusion that C3 cache is not working as expected? Did you see any errors? Was your performance slow? Do you have a profile?

In the query of “seleclt * from store_sales” on the databse of scale_factor=50. The input size is 6.3GB and the total cache size is also 6.3GB.
Some time Dremio w/ C3 works quite effective. But some time if I had clear the cache dir and rerun the query. Dremio didn’t cache anything. And I should clear the dir of “executor.cache.path.db” so that it can work. Is there some suggestions to solve this issue?

It didn’t have errrors but was slow than not use C3. I had clear the db dir. If I meet such issue again in the future, I will post the profile. (263.1 KB)