C3 cache not working in dremio-oss 25.0

have built dremio oss 25.0 from source code as per the instructions in the GitHub README. I have used the flag -Ddremio.oss.only=true since I want OSS instead of community edition. Seems like c3 cloud cache is not working. Is this feature not available in dremio-oss ? Is there any setting we need to enable to get this feature in dremio-oss ?

  • When I checked the location where I configured to store c3 cache the location is empty in all executors.
  • I can see Cache hit as 0 in query profile as well.

    I hope there should be cache hit under TABLE_FUNCTION operator if c3 cache is being used. This post shows to check PARQUET_ROW_GROUP_SCAN but I cannot see such operator in latest version though. Am I checking on the right operator to verify this ?

My dremio conf file looks like below.

paths: {
  # Local path for dremio to store data.
  local: ${DREMIO_HOME}"/data"
  # local: "dremioS3:///{{ .Values.global.S3_DATALAKE_BUCKET_NAME }}/dremio/"
  # Distributed path Dremio data including job results, downloads,
  # uploads, etc
  results: "pdfs://"${paths.local}"/results"
  dist: "dremioS3:///my-path"

services: {
  # The services running are controlled via command line options passed in
  # while starting the services via kubernetes. Updating the values listed below will not
  # impact what is running:
  # - coordinator.enabled
  # - coordinator.master.enabled
  # - coordinator.master.embedded-zookeeper.enabled
  # - executor.enabled
  # Other service parameters can be customized via this file.
  executor: {
    cache: {
      path.db: "/opt/dremio/cloudcache/c0"
      pctquota.db: 100

      path.fs: ["/opt/dremio/cloudcache/c0"]
      pctquota.fs: [100]
      ensurefreespace.fs: [0]
debug: {
  # Enable caching for distributed storage, it is turned off by default
  dist.caching.enabled: true,
  # Max percent of total available cache space to use when possible for distributed storage
  dist.max.cache.space.percent: 100

services.web-admin.host: ""
services.web-admin.port: 9078


Are you able to provide the profile as we would like to check if aync is enabled (should be by default), also want to make sure you are checking the right table_function as the manifest list, manifest scans and a the scan to distribute splits are also called TABLE_FUNCTION

@balaji.ramaswamy - The query profile has been sent to you privately. Please review it and assist us in resolving the C3 cache missing issue.

@balaji.ramaswamy : I have checked the classes loaded in oss version executor JVM process using jcmd and compared it against the one loaded in community version (PFA)
. Seems like we are missing ‘com.dremio.service.cachemanager’ module.
How can we start it in dremio oss ? Is there any specific parameter missing which is not mentioned dremio-oss build documentation to enable cache manager?

Output from dremio oss 25.0.

Output from dremio community 25.0.

@irshad-pai Let me check with the OSS team