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Hello ,
I have enabled raw reflection on PhysicalDataset with some of the Field i have stored Distributed filesystem to Azure ADL Gen2 where Result,Acceleation stored some times when i have restart dremio-master its not able to find job_result scanner in that case i have deleted all folder mounted on Azure ADL and restart dremio cluster.after run Query from dremio gui in i am gettimg below error Status code 404, "{“error”:{“code”:"PathNotFound

I am attaching job Profile for this

to Resolve this i have delete old reflection on Physical DataSet and also disable enabled on VirtualDataset .please guide me how to solve this type of (14.0 KB)


Can you search for this “f92059e9-904c-4b4d-9f18-3943911e0977” in your jobs page and see if there is a DELETE JOB?

No its showing not found


Do you actually find these files on Gen2 or are they gone?. For example in gen2 you would be storing reflections under a folder. Do you find a folder called “2b4aea35-dca4-46bf-ac5a-e722bdc03b13” and under that “f92059e9-904c-4b4d-9f18-3943911e0977”?

No i could not find file in adl gen2 as i have deleted those because dremio master is not starting of some job search issue after that i have faced above issue


What where the order of events? Did you first delete files from Gen2?

order of event

  1. started dremio cluster ,dremion master failed as unable to find job search result
  2. stopped cluster ,deleted all folder from adl gen2
  3. restarted dremio cluster
  4. after that error Occured

note: i have enabled Reflection of Orignal Data Source PDS


Dremio should not fail if there are missing reflection files or job results. Do you still have the original log file when Dremio did not start first time? I am thinking Dremio failed to start due to a different reason