Failure to check if table already exists at path "__jobResultsStore"

Starnge all of a sudden my query starts giving this error

SELECT * FROM tablename where biz_start > ‘2020-04-01’ and biz_end < ‘2020-04-03’ limit 20


Failure to check if table already exists at path “__jobResultsStore”.“213a4254-7be7-42b8-9370-c43660a62100”.


Do you recall if this VDS tablename or its PDS had reflections? What type of Dreimo are you using, AWS Marketplace (S3 data store), Azure, AWS EKS, Kubernetes other, etc.

I think the issue is that a file in the data store used to store the reflection data and referenced in the Dremio metadata store RocksDB database for tablename or an upstream source is either missing or unreachable.

The simple quick fix is to disable then reenable all upstream reflections then try again. That should force refresh of that reflections’ data and metadata.

The longer term fix is to periodically do this for all reflections during off hours using API calls, regularly take backups and periodically clean the metadatastore (Dremio) to shake free any rogue missing or unreachable file references.

@datocrats-org @meabhishek80

We are working on fixing this issue, meanwhile the only thing that should go to local is results

I got reply after 11 months. Thats Amazing