Connect to minio S3 storage

Is there a way to connect dremio to Minio S3 storage ?

Currently, there’s none.

Could one try contribute to adding this ?

Unfortunately, today you cannot. Later this year we will make this easier in general through an SDK for any type of new data source. For S3/minio this may come sooner as there has been significant interest from the community.

hi folks,

Any updates on this subject?

Mark G

Hello, everybody,

I am also very interested in a Minio S3 connection. And also the SDK, so we can implement a JDBC connector.

Kelly, is there any progress? I had hoped it was part of 2.1, but unfortunately it’s not.

Thank you

2.1 added support for alternative S3 endpoints. Check documentation at

I might have spoken too fast and Dremio might only support Govcloud for now.

You’re right, I already tried the endpoint, Minio doesn’t work yet.

I think Dremio would make a huge step if there was either a JDBC/ODBC connector for third party systems or we could use an SDK.

I’m so glad the product is so good (thanks to the team), but that would be another big step.

@Kelly, is there anything I could do to get an JDBC connector or the SDK? Is there anything I can do to help?

Hello @ORo,

You can now connect to Minio as source and use it as distributed storage, but these are experimental features.

See our docs: