Connecting Sonar to Preset

I am getting an error when trying to connect to my Dremio Sonar project to Preset using the following documentation Dremio and Dremio .

When using my PAT to connect as per the first documentation, I get the error ERROR: 'user'
When using $token and my PAT as the user and password, like when trying to connect a db client, I get the error ERROR: (builtins.NoneType) None [SQL: Flight returned unavailable error, with message: failed to connect to all addresses; last error: UNAVAILABLE: ipv4: Socket closed] (Background on this error at:

Appreciate the help!

The correct URI for connecting to Dremio Cloud should be: dremio+flight://<schema>?token=<PAT>&UseEncryption=true&option1=value

Please also make sure that the PAT is URL-encoded as specified in our docs here.

I’ve url-encoded my PAT and tried that URI but it gives me an error ERROR: 'user'. For the schema, I tried using my project id and also tried not including it (since the documentation said it was optional). Was this correct?

Apologies, it looks like the connection string I gave you is for Superset, but the one for Preset looks a bit different.

Please try:


Worked! Thank you for the help!