Connecting Zeppelin to Dremio

Hi Guys,

has anyone been able to configure Zeppelin’s generic JDBC driver to work with Dremio? Any examples?

Hi akikax,
yes, it is possible by using the default JDBC interpreter.

You have to download the Dremio JDBC driver and save it on the server where Zeppelin is running, then edit your jdbc interpreter adding the following information:

On the dependencies, add the path where you downloaded the driver, for example:

then add the following information:

Then save and restart the jdbc interpreter. Now you can create a new notebook, associate the jdbc interpreter to the notebook and execute query on dremio using %jdbc(dremio)

Hope this helps


Hi Horadrim,

Your instructions worked perfectly. Thanks a lot for sharing.

For anyone trying to do the same, just follow Horadrim’s instructions they are complete and correct, nothing to add from my end.