Converter field to JSON in VDS

Would it be possible to convert a field to JSON from a VDS? Because I’m able to convert a field to JSON, only when I try to convert directly from PDS.

@lucasft Yes it is possible, as long as the column has a JSON struct you should be able to do CONVERT_FROMJSON(<column_name>)

Example below

Problem ocorrer when I try transform JSON from other VDS. Just work when this field is direct get from PDS.

@lucasft What data type is cardsPartnersCreatedAt?

Marked like string, but is a array that I need transform. Just worked transformation if I get directly from PDS.

@lucasft That does not seem like a valid JSON struct, do you want to split the 2 values into 2 different columns?

I need converter this array to split after

When I transform directly from PDS, worked perfectly. See this example.
But, if I try transform this same column indirectly througth some VDS, don’t work.

@lucasft What is the VDS definition?

I get from this vds

Apparently tha function ROW_NUMBER() is responsible to block this interfaces column transformation to array, throught CONVERT_FROMJSON, in other VDS that use this VDS like base.
My problem is that I need remove repetitions before treat datas, because a have a lot datas.

@lucasft I see you are not doing a convert_from the VDS, are you saying that you tried and it did not work?