How to get the values from JSON that is VARCHAR type

I need to get the fields from JSON that is stored in VARCHAR. In addition this should be done within one SELECT statement without wrapper.
For e.g.

What I need(this is obviously not a valid sql, just for clarification of what I need):
CONVERT_from(column_in_varchar, ‘JSON’).data
FROM table

The following code is unacceptable:
(SELECT CONVERT_FROM(column_in_varchar, ‘JSON’)
FROM table));

Do you have any ideas?


use CONVERT_FROMJSON(<‘string-value-in-JSON-format’>), once done the icon for column will change from a string (ABC) to a struct, then you can do <column_name[0] for 1st field or if you know the column name then do <struct_name>.<column_name>