Coordinator HA behavior

I configured 2 coordinators on 2 hosts, I’d like to know if it only has 1 coordinator to listen 9047 port at one time ? And the HA relies load balancer to route the HTTP request to the active coordinator, which listening 9047 port ?


Here is an example using NGNIX,

Dremio HA

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy,
Thanks for reply, I’v read the example. I’d like to make sure if only one coordinator listen 9047 port at one time. For example. I have 2 coordinators (Node A and Node B). I started Node A first, and then Node B. I saw Node A listened 9047 port, but Node B didn’t listen 9047 port. I think both of Node A and Node B can listen 9047 port, and NGNIX can route multiple HTTP connections to Node A and Node B at the same time. Am I correct ?


That’s right. the passive coordinator would actually be running but will not able to get the lock for the rocksDB the minute primary goes down this would take over. you should be able to simply refresh your browser and things should work

Understood, thank you very much.