Dremio HA and node monitoring

Hi Dremio Team,

Iam using Dremio 13.x community version, I want to know the design like i have two server nodes want to make each node can act as both co-ordinator,executor with HA, is this possible? Can I use executor from both nodes and co-ordinators as active and stand-by.

How to monitor active, stand-by and other executors in same UI.

Ajay Babu Maguluri.


In HA mode, the secondary coordinator is not open, it is waiting for the lock from primary to be released, this is like an Oracle database in mount state, so you cannot use the coordinator instance as an executor

There is not inbuilt monitoring tools inside of Dremio, you can use custom scripts or external monitoring tools

Here are some JMX metrics you can use

You can use the API to check the coordinator