Copying 100s of objects from one environment to another

I have a cluster running Dremio 12.x that has 100s of objects. I now stood up another cluster using AWS Market place (15.7) . How can I copy all the objects from my first cluster to the new cluster ?

I have around 5 spaces and each space have lot of objects. Unfortunately backup and restore won’t work because of different versions (huge bummer)

Any help here is greatly appreciated.

@rajupillai The spaces and folders need to be created manually while for the VDS, query information_schema.views on 12.x and you can construct the create or replace vds script from there, same for reflections from sys.reflections

will there be any utilities or feature to back up and restore between different versions ?

@rajupillai There are a few enhancements in the backlog, please watch out for features in every release