Dremio Cluster Cloner

Hey community,

I have released a little utility for cloning Dremio Clusters:

It is written using my NodeJS Client API (https://github.com/christyharagan/dremio-node-api) and is packaged as a command line utility for ease of use. That said, it’s written in a way that one could easily add other front-ends to it.

If cloning clusters (or parts of a cluster, e.g. recreating users or virtual data sets) is useful to you, please go ahead and give it a go.

Please note, this isn’t an official library, so don’t ask questions about it here in the Dremio community page. Instead raise tickets at the Github page. The cloner doesn’t call any end-points that make changes on the cluster being cloned, but I would still recommend you test this utility before using it against your production cluster (a backup might even be sensible, just incase, especially if you’re writing your changes to an existing cluster that’s already in use!).

Feedback, suggestions, and PRs very welcome!