Couldn't create Physical dataset when file name has special character and space

Hi, I am attempting to promote file on s3 to PDS.

The file name looks like [hr] hr-time.csv.
Promoting failed and tried to debug it with api/v3/catalog API and encoded id.
I’m working on python3 and used urllib.parse.quote(id, safe="") to encode file id looks like dremio:/directory_name1/directory_name2/"[hr] hr-time.csv". (directory_name1, 2 are fake name)

when I make an api/v3/catalog API call for [hr] hr-time.csv file, the error message says
‘com.dremio.service.namespace.NamespaceNotFoundException: no listable entity found: “directory_name1”.“directory_name2”."[hr] hr-time.csv"’

I can see the file on dremio UI and parent catalog response from api/v3/catalog API has this file as children.
I believe some mapping between file id, file name and encoded URL is slightly off or
I did some mistakes.

I think you can recreate the issue with a similar file name that has brackets and space.

Thank you in advance.

How does the id get returned by the REST API?

Example for me is: dremio:/nas/[hr] hr-time.csv, which I can access via:

GET http://localhost:9047/api/v3/catalog/dremio%3A%2Fnas%2F%5Bhr%5D%20hr-time.csv

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Thank you so much.
It’s my bad. I tested million times and I definitely kept making mistakes somewhere.
I was able to promote the file to PDS. but I got another error. I can’t run any query on this PDS.
could you try to run a SELECT * from “your_location”."[hr] hr-time.csv" ?

I got this error.
OperationalError: (‘08S01’, ‘[08S01] [Dremio][Connector] (1040) Dremio failed to execute the query: \nSELECT * FROM “dir_name1”.“dir_name2”."[hr] hr-time.csv"\n\n[30005]Synchronous socket write failed with error: Broken pipe. (1040) (SQLExecDirectW)’)

Again thank you so much for this quick response.