Couldn’t do query on a physical dataset with special character in the table name

Hi Community,
I had a file on AWS s3 with some special characters in the filename. The name looks like: [Mock] Text.csv
I was able to create a physical dataset for it but when I clicked on it, it wasn’t able to query the content correctly. I tested it with a few more files with special characters in it and the same issue occurred.
Can someone help me with this issue, is there something im missing or doing wrong here? Thanks
Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 11.16.22 AM


What is the error message, are you able to send us the job profile?

@balaji.ramaswamy Thanks for the response.
So I wasn’t able to locate the job in the jobs section and I was getting this error message upon clicking the physical dataset every time. (I guess no job was even triggered)
Saying it wasn’t able to locate the dataset at the following location. I think its gotta do with the square brackets I have in the filename.


Agree with you, I tried to upload a file with a similar name and gives me an error too (although not the same), does uploading without [] work?

Yeah without [] works for me. For our use-case, we are trying to keep the original filename as it is, so I was wondering if it’s designed not to allow [] or other special characters in the filename? Is there a way around it other than removing the []? Thanks


Currently, not possible