Creating Rules with tags in Workload Management

Hi, I want to run taged queries on particular instance group.
So I created rule in dremio workload management to server queries with tag

And saved a query in dremio space with that tag

When I run that queries they didn’t apply my rule with tag and run on default High cost query.
The rules order also corrected to apply first rule with tag then only default.
So can you help me with this? what i’m doing wrong?
There is not much written about tags in docs and maybe I misunderstood something.


Any help on this? what should I do to run queries with tags and they will apply rules with tags


Work Load Management tags are different from dataset tags. As documented here, they are mapped to the JDBC ROUTING_TAG connection property.

Hm, thanks for reply,
So how can I add that routing tag when I run query from dremio Web UI ?

@VahagnBleyan Routing tags are currently only for JDBC queries