Limited SQL when querying metadata?

Hi all, in dremio 21.1.1, the following SQL will break :

select *

from information_schema."tables"

where lower(table_name) in ('dbt', 'dremio')

with the following error message :

Error while applying rule InfoSchemaPushFilterIntoScan:Filter_On_Project, args [rel#397:FilterPrel.PHYSICAL.ANY([]).[](input=RelSubset#394,condition=OR(=($4, 'dbt'), =($4, 'dremio'))), rel#402:ProjectPrel.PHYSICAL.ANY([]).[](input=RelSubset#399,TABLE_CATALOG=$0,TABLE_SCHEMA=$1,TABLE_NAME=$2,TABLE_TYPE=$3,$f4=LOWER($2)), rel#404:InfoSchemaScanPrel.PHYSICAL.ANY([]).[](table=INFORMATION_SCHEMA."TABLES",columns=TABLE_CATALOG, TABLE_SCHEMA, TABLE_NAME, TABLE_TYPE,splits=1,tableDigest=1437062245|INFORMATION_SCHEMA|8d8a908a-2d90-45fb-a9d1-e5c4364f5060)].

It seems one can only push down straight column filters to the metadata storage, as the following SQL works :

select *

from information_schema."tables"

where ilike(table_name, 'dbt')

or ilike(table_name, 'dremio')

Could we have a feedback on any SQL limitation on the metadata layer ?

Best regards,

@fetanchaud I was able to reproduce the issue even on 19.x, have filed and internal bug and checked with engineer, once we have an update will ping here

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