Critical : Reflection provides wrong results

I have weird behavious since running 2.0.1 rc.
I have a parquet dataset containing files in multiple directories.

With acceleration enabled (in my case this is an aggregation), the query return completely absurd result when it uses acceleration
My query should enable to know the number of rows for the main directories.

SELECT dir0,count(*)
FROM “swn-sframe”.raw_events
group by dir0

With acceleration, I get
dir0 EXPR$1
d2466aae-877e-488b-b4bc-611bc2dc806e 127213696

But I have no such directory in my dataset, and correct result should be:
dir0 EXPR$1
year=2018 76827816
year=2017 50385880

It’s like the acceleration would have replaced my values, as the global sum is consistent.

Reflection parquet is stored inside the folder as configured in dremio.conf (local: xxx/yyy) and then pdfs/accelerator/ . Here you can see 250 MB sized parquet files , that’s why dir0 got changed

Hi @dfleckinger, it looks like a regression in how we are handling the implicit directory columns in 2.0.1rc. We have filed an internal ticket and are tracking a fix and will let you know. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks @jacques. Any idea if this is fixed in 2.0 released ?