Data Lineage for Fee Edition?

I was trying Dremio for a Data Lineage use case using the community edition(free edition). However, I am not able to find the “Graph” option as suggested in the documentation to create the data lineage.

Is the Data Lineage capability not available for the community edition? Am I missing something?

P.S. I’m working with the sample dataset provided by the Dremio.

Navneet Thakur

Data lineage via “Graph” is not available in the free community edition. It is part of the Enterprise paid version only. More info -

Thanks Anthony.

Is there any other way (apart from “Graph”) I can explore the Data Lineage Capabilities of Dremio?

Navneet Thakur

Unfortunately “Graph” is only available in the enterprise. In the community version, you can also track the lineage of SQL changes within a single VDS. You can explore this by clicking on the vertically stacked dots on the right side of the screen (it will act like a undo/redo).