Dremio Graph Option

I have installed dremio 3.0 but I am not getting Graph option beside catalog option. kindy let me know if any configuration change is needed to get this enabled?

Hi Sharmila

if you’re using the Community Edition you won’t find it, since Data Lineage is an Enterprise only feature


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Oh. Thanks for the information. Very new to this tool.

Wanted to understand couple of more things. Will be grateful if anyone can help.

  1. Does Dremio work on views on any RDBMS system like mysql, postgres or in Hive? If yes can we create Virtual dataset on it and visualization possibility?

  2. Can it write back to any data source? (For eg: if I applied and specific transformation on a hive table joining it with postgres and I wish to save the result back to any one of the data source. Is this possible?) or it will just save the changes in space as a virtual dataset?

  3. Once I connect to tableau for visualization. Does it use JDBC/ODBC driver to connect to the data source or its for connection with Dremio. Want to understand both for physical dataset and virtual dataset?

  4. And by default for storing any virtual dataset is it using the cluster/local space or what is the metastore for Dremio? It do not copy data from data source is fine but still for storing the Virtual data set what it uses?

  1. you can definitely query Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc views and then create VDS on top of them

  2. I don’t think it is possible

  3. It is Tableau that connects to Dremio through the supplied Dremio ODBC connector. This way it is possible for Tableau to query Dremio VDS

  4. VDS definitions are metadata, so they are saved in the Metadata Storage. The following link to Dremio docs gives more details https://docs.dremio.com/deployment/metadata-storage.html

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To answer your questions:

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