Data source config via environment variables or config file?

Hey everyone,

First time posting to this forum and pretty new to dremio.
I’ve gotten dremio up and running, connected to my data source (mongodb) and created my queries and virtual data sources. Everything works great!

What I am unable to find any documentation on is whether or not data sources can be configured via a file or environment variable?

I would like to run dremio as part of a docker stack. For most services, you can specify an environment variable or mount a config file into the correct path in order to start a service based on custom settings (reproducible end result). I know that with persistent storage I could configure the data source once (through the web UI) and subsequent reboots would continue functioning. However, I’d like the data source config to not require human interaction on each fresh setup. Essentially I want dremio to always connect to the same data source and create the same virtual data sources each time I start it, regardless of the system it’s being run on.

Hopefully that explanation was clear enough, let me know if you need more details.
Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

  • heyITguy


We have a bunch of REST API’s that can create/drop sources, add users etc. Can you please check


Is there a way to set up the first admin user and password programmatically as well? I could not find out if this was possible, it seemed like you had to use the UI to create the first account.