Automate user and source creation on Dremio docker

I am using the official docker dremio image Docker Hub

I need to create a user and datalake (HDFS,S3) when container start,avoiding ui creation. Is it possible via API?

I have try to create the user and lakes, then export data (“data” folder) and mount the data on another instance(new container) but the ui still require first user creation.

I need the user and sources for some automation tests where I can’t create the resources trhough the ui.


No API but you can add this to dremio.conf on the coordinator and it will create a user “dremio” password “dremio123”

debug: {
addDefaultUser: true

Currently available user API’s are below

Thanks! This solve the problem. I have update the thread. Is it possible create the sources in the same way (on dremio conf) without using the API?

@stefano.castoldi Not for source unfortunately