Data Source - Connecting to REST API

Is there a way to setup a data source that pulls data directly from a REST call (e.g.: GET

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An option today is to create a script that would pull data from a REST call > store it in some type of filesystem > use Dremio’s REST API and create a physical dataset to that filesystem/file

Thanks for the work-around Anthony.

Do you know where suggested enhancements can be submitted. I believe that having a REST URL as a data source (e.g.: with configurable headers) would make the product more versatile and valuable.

Hi @anthony if i would like to write a custom plugin or connector to read data directly from REST API how could we do it? any guidelines or help would be highly appreciated.

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Hi Ranjan this is not something you can do today.

Hi Kelly thanks for your response! Is it something doable in near future few weeks to months time?

If you’re into DIY, I would recommend looking at examples of other plugins:

Then consider some of the parameters that would be involved in implementing. Credentials, authentication, metadata mapping, etc.

Not sure if there has been any progress on this but it will be a very useful feature for Dremio to be able to connect to data sources that expose data as REST API. Has anyone tried to implement it as custom connector?

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