Possible to GET from API?

I’d like to query some APIs that form part of the workflow I have with another data virtualization tool.
Is this possible with dremio?

Could you elaborate following?

Apologies I was not very clear.

An example. I would like to call the below API to use the data returned as one of my data sources. The data should be returned fresh every time I execute the code in Dremio.

GET https://api.smartsheet.com/2.0/sheets/123456

Source https://smartsheet-platform.github.io/api-docs/#http-and-rest

I briefly looked at smartsheet and I do not believe you can have it as a DataSource. If you have a process of offloading data from those APIs to json (I believe response is in JSON) files on Distributed or Local File system or other available DataSources you could utilize Dremio.

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Thanks, I will investigate that.

If you are using PosgreSQL, on possible option is to make http call in the query something like this

SELECT customer_id, name FROM http_get(‘your url for web service, passing any parameter like customer_id’) customer;
If you make a view on it, you can expose the view to dremio

MYSQL and Oracle also allow http calls from within query

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