DBT + Nessie: can't specify a branch

I’ve run into an issue using DBT + Nessie catalog locally, where I get the following error when running ‘dbt run’:

ERROR: Validation of view sql failed. Version context for table nessie.my_first_dbt_model must be specified using AT SQL syntax

It seems like I need to specify a branch in order for it to run, but I can’t find a way to do that. Wondering if there is a way to specify a branch in the model or have DBT default to the main nessie branch.

Hi @stuartha,
I believe that, at this point, the dbt-dremio connector does not support Nessie’s branching and tagging features as a parameter outside of writing custom SQL.
Please feel free to open an issue or feature request at Issues · dremio/dbt-dremio · GitHub