Delete reflection

How can I delete a reflection? They are taking up disk space and I need to delete them, but I don’t know how, could you give me an example? I searched but only an api command comes out and I don’t know how to use it either. Can they be deleted in the New Query section?

I thank you in advance, greetings!

You can delete them in the UI. Go to any dataset with a reflection, switch to the acceleration tab and then click on Switch to Advanced Reflections (top right). You can then mark reflections to delete (the minus icon next to the cog icon) and then press save, which will delete them.

You can also disable reflections, which will remove the on disk storage for them but keep the definition around.

Is there no way to auto delete the reflections. We have set the refresh interval as 1 hour and expiry as 2 hours, so a new reflection is created every 1 hour. But they are not deleted even after expiry. What we understood is there is a grace period after which the expired ones are taken for deletion. Currently it is maintaining about 5 reflections. Can we change that grace period? Our queries are pretty fast and usually run within seconds to minutes. So we do not want such a huge grace period. It is unnecessarily taking space. Thanks in advance.

@akshaymehtadremio Lenoy has answered here Auto delete reflections - #2 by lenoyjacob

Thanks @balaji.ramaswamy . Will follow up on that channel.