Disable metadata refresh

I have an Oracle data source associated with an account whose password is expired. This is causing errors (as expected) when Dremio attempts to refresh its metadata. I am worried that if/when the owner of the account changes the password, that Dremio will then end up locking the Oracle account when it attempts to refresh.

I tried to change the metadata refresh period for this data source so that it wouldn’t keep trying to connect, but it’s won’t let me change it because of the expired password.

Is there any way to disable metadata refresh for a data source, so that it won’t keep trying to connect?

Hello @Joe

We cannot disable the metadata refresh once the source in connected to the Dremio.

The only way is to set the metadata refresh rate as high as possible.However I understand your case that it needs the password.


So what do I do if I don’t have the password?


We have opened an Engineering task to track this