Oracle password rotation without loosing Dremio metadata


Our main datasource are Oracle. We have about 20 schemas accessed thru Dremio.
Most of the Oracle tables have raw reflections on it.

During my test with Dremio Community Edition 4.2.1.

If the Oracle account get his password changed, that change MUST be done in Dremio for it to continue access to Oracle.

But. The metadata is the lost. The reflections as well.

Since we are bound to rotate password on a regular basis, we have no choice but to rotate them.

How do I make Dremio keep the metadata and the reflections following a password change in Oracle ?


Hi All,

Found my answer. This feature is not supported by the CE.
With Enterprise Edition, there is a param:

store.plugin.keep_metadata_on_replace = true

Hope it help someone.


Having this parameter to true can cause unexpected results/access, so as soon you change the password, please reset the parameter at once


Hi Balaji,

Would you please provide more details about the unexpected results?

@Ming Since you are changing security credentials and with the key overriding the fact metadata will be cleared, there is a chance that someone can go via the old password