Discussion about Workload Management and Queues

Hi Community!

Just want to start discussion about work management and share some thoughts about it.

We use this configuration:

Could you share your config and thoughts? May be we can improve Workload Management by this.

Thanks a lot

Hi @YuriyGavrilov

Are you using Enterprise edition?

@balaji.ramaswamy yep.

@YuriyGavrilov A good start would be to look at your profiles of slow running jobs and see where the time is spent. Are you able to open a support ticket via Zendesk, attach some profiles and we can look at it? Mention the Community post on the ticket


@balaji.ramaswamy I would love to create a case, but I can’t. Demio Bank can not accept payments from Russia due to some kind of bureaucracy problem. That’s why I don’t have access to create tickets.
Basicly i have two problem first with executor lost connection and second with memmory limits set by admin.
e3200049-e7e2-46b3-9fd6-b82d07ddd18c.zip (2,3 МБ)
3427e124-9dfd-496c-bf32-e7027982cb1e.zip (131,7 КБ)
3065f9e7-6314-433e-9350-55d0ea4523f8.zip (1,3 МБ)

Hope to solve at least one of them through proper settings in workload management.