Docker | Data Loss | Hard Affinity

I pulled the community edition of Dremio from Docker Hub (dremio/dremio-oss), and it’s been running it on my Mac in Docker since last week at http://localhost:9047. I’d done quite a bit of work, and I had at least 30 virtual datasets when suddenly Docker or the container crashed. When I restarted the container I was relieved because all those datasets were still listed, but to my dismay whenever I tried to open them I received this cryptic error: “No executors are available for data with hard affinity. You may consider using “registration.publish-host” property if your network rules change.” I’ve read the answers to similar topics here on the forum, but none of them was helpful. I’m literally sick to my stomach because this work is due tomorrow. Please tell me there’s a way to retrieve these datasets!

You would have to describe your setup more - what data sources are you using?