Restoring data/metadata on dremio docker image instance


I am trying to test a procedure for backing up and restoring the data on a dremio instance inside of a docker container. I am using the base Dockerfile from Docker Hub with my only change being that I over wrote the ENTRYPOINT with “[]” so I have to manually start the dremio service. This way I can more easily start/stop/restart the service.

My goal is to “backup” using the admin feature from container A, copy the backup to container B and “restore”. Both the backup and restore commands return a “success” based on the documentation, but the data from A (wiki, spaces, source) do not appear in B even after restarting the service.

I need some help with this. Anyone with experience or best practices while running Dremio on Docker?

You can simply copy/restore the db directory (paths.db in dremio.conf), that contains all the persistent state, no need to use the backup/restore process.

Doron…what do you mean by “copy/restore the db directory (paths.db)”? So I run into a similar situation. Running docker dremio. Commit the container as an image. But when I create a container from that image, the data doesn’t come with the image that I recently committed. So, how do I include the data with the image that I recently created?

Hi @doron,

I have been trying this, but I’m using Docker version and after copy files, the owner and group are different from original files and Docker container didn’t start.

What do you suggest in this case?

Thank you,


Are you getting an error where catalog owner is different? What happens if you change the ownership of the db folder to match the software?