Restoring data/metadata on dremio docker image instance


I am trying to test a procedure for backing up and restoring the data on a dremio instance inside of a docker container. I am using the base Dockerfile from Docker Hub with my only change being that I over wrote the ENTRYPOINT with “[]” so I have to manually start the dremio service. This way I can more easily start/stop/restart the service.

My goal is to “backup” using the admin feature from container A, copy the backup to container B and “restore”. Both the backup and restore commands return a “success” based on the documentation, but the data from A (wiki, spaces, source) do not appear in B even after restarting the service.

I need some help with this. Anyone with experience or best practices while running Dremio on Docker?

You can simply copy/restore the db directory (paths.db in dremio.conf), that contains all the persistent state, no need to use the backup/restore process.