Docker Dremio, adding mysql source from localhost

I am trying to add a mysql database as a datasource on dremio, which runs thanks to the provided docker image.

However, i get the error:
" Could not connect to dremio1, check your JDBC connection information and credentials."
Where dremio1 is the name of the database i want to connect to.

I have disabled ssl on mysql and tried with both root user and another user I created(i have granted him all permissions on dremio1).

I have tried to connect to the database through the host:

  • localhost
  • host.docker.internal

and have used the port 3306, which is on the listening state according to netstat.

Is there something else i should do to make it work ?

Thanks for reading,

@eliaspiette From the mysql command line on the Docker, are you able to connect to the same database?

I do not know how to connect to my database from inside the container.

the mysql command doesn’t seem to be recognised in the container’s terminal.

Running docker with sudo was the issue, thanks for yout help !