Does it make sense to make dremio plugin to support avro file

I just want to learn & contribute to dremio, and I just wonder if it makes sense to spend time to write a plugin, so dremio’s user can view avro file
If not, is there anything I can do to contribute
Thank you so much

We support reading Avro out-of-the-box today. It may be worth mentioning an even higher performance Avro reader is something we are currently tracking internally too. We are also planning to release a connection SDK in our next major release that should allow users to develop custom connectors. You are more than welcome to source needs from the community or self and contribute - :smile: Thanks for your support!

@anthony I don’t see option for Avro as a format? I’m on 2.0.5 .

See your other thread for response: Impala and Kudu as Source