Does the request use the pushdown

Is there a way to reliably know that the final request will use pushdown functions using standard dremio tools?

We need a mechanism to make sure that certain queries are executed on the DB side, and not inside Dremio.
At least one wants to know the fact of pushdown availability.
Maximum: calls that were pushdown.

Now I see two ways:

  1. Manual investigation of the request to jdbc in the job profile (Final Physical Transformation).
  2. Alternatively, the request plan has a Project Pushdown section with a time stamp. But can the time 0ms be unambiguously considered as the absence of pushdown, or can it give 0 on a small table?

According to my observations, when creating a request that exactly performs pushdown, the timestamp value can be either 1 ms or 0 ms.
At the same time, the test table contains only one record, so this may be due to rounding of the query building time, or it simply cannot be used for our purposes.


@Arol Best way is to look at the job profile and as you rightly said, click on planning and look at the JDBC scan and determine the push down. Do you have a profile where this did not happen, if possible please share the profile with us