Dremio 1.2 Released

Yesterday we released Dremio 1.2!

It contains over 250 fixes and enhancements that we’re excited about. This is a major step forward for the project, and while its only a maintenance release, we think you’ll find lots of improvements that make for a better experience with your data.

Here are some of the highlights:

New Acceleration Algorithm. This release introduces a new acceleration algorithm that substantially expands the space of queries that can be accelerated for a given set of Data Reflections. The matching process is faster and provides much better matching coverage for complex queries.

Workload Management Controls. This release introduces a new Data Reflection dependency graph, which increases resource efficiency when updating inter-related reflections; and workload management capabilities that allow administrators to balance reflection maintenance resources with other workloads in the cluster.

Improved performance for large deployments and large sources. For deployments with hundreds or thousands of nodes, and data sources with large numbers of tables and files, Dremio now provides significantly better performance for processing queries and performing system-level tasks. In addition, when working with very large files, Dremio adaptively resizes the amount of records that it works per unit of work based on the number of columns, depth of complex fields, as well as value sizes.

Elasticsearch enhancements. We’ve had lots of feedback on Elasticsearch as a source and have added support for Elasticsearch as a service deployments, including the ability to route queries to nodes you whitelist for processing requests. We’ve also added support for configurable scroll sizes, and improved date/time push-downs. A number of bugs have been fixed as well.

Improved schema learning and JSON handling. For JSON-based sources we improved schema learning to adaptively sample more files, and to better handle evolving schemas. We also improved memory management when working with complex documents.

All the details are covered in the release notes here: https://docs.dremio.com/release-notes/121-release-notes.html

You can download here: https://www.dremio.com/download

And be sure to follow the upgrade instructions for your deployment method: https://docs.dremio.com/advanced-administration/upgrade.html

If you have questions, please post here on the community site.


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Awesome @kelly! Next week I’m gonna try the new version! Thanks a lot!

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