Dremio 1.3 Released!

Lots of great new features in this release, highlights and details below!

We’ll have a live technical deep dive next Thursday - register here.

  • New REST API. In this first release of our REST API, you can easily manage your data sources. More capabilities are coming over the next several releases. See the docs for details.
  • Expanded acceleration coverage. Dremio’s query planner now includes greater acceleration coverage when querying multiple datasets that have multiple Data Reflections defined.
  • Query profile enhancements. Profiles now include more information on Data Reflections considered and used for query execution, details for the best cost query plan, and canonicalized user query.
  • Metadata store maintenance utility. Now dremio-admin can compact the metadata store, delete orphan objects, delete jobs based on age, and reindex the data. See the docs for details.
  • Support for Tableau on Mac. Now you can launch Tableau on your Mac from any dataset.
  • Support for Safari. This release adds experimental support for Safari, starting with version 11.
  • Download results as Parquet. Query results can now be downloaded as CSV, JSON, or Parquet.
  • Improved SQL Editor. Entirely new SQL editor includes line numbers and better error messages. Lots more coming in this area over the next few releases.

Learn more in the release notes here: https://docs.dremio.com/release-notes/130-release-notes.html

You can download here: https://www.dremio.com/download

Be sure to follow the upgrade instructions for your deployment method: https://docs.dremio.com/advanced-administration/upgrade.html