Dremio 3.1 - Unable to execute HTTP request: Timeout waiting for connection from pool

When I’m trying to create a reflection for a VDS, Dremio is returning an error that seems like there’s a timeout problem with our S3 (our distributed store).

I’ve checked other similar posts, and even by setting fs.s3a.connection.maximum (100000) and fs.s3a.threads.max (5000) the problem is not solved. Does anybody have some idea what might be going on here?

Here’s my files:
0e0fca20-79f1-4a04-8300-f9cc96c5e21a.zip (61.4 KB)

Hi @Paulo_Vasconcellos

Where have you set this parameter? This needs to go in your core-site.xml on all executors under the $DREMIO_HOME/conf folder and executors recycled

If S3 is source then it has to go on S3 source properties under advanced-additional properties