Dremio AKS setup error

Hi Dremio Support,

I have spun up an AKS cluster with 4 node pools (coordpool, execpool, zoopool, agentpool). Each pool is usign the respective Node size (Standard_E8ads_v5, Standard_E16ads_v5, Standard_D2s_v3, Standard_DS2_v2). Mode is user except for the agentpool (system). K8S version is 1.26.6.
The OS disk size: 128 GB and OS disk type: Ephemeral - for coordpool, execpool and zoopool nodes.
The target nodes for execpool is 10, whereas for coordpool and zoolpool it is 1.

I have used the attached “values.yaml”
values.yaml.zip (5.4 KB)
, to deploy dremio, however, after the deployment, i always get this error for the master and executor pods:

Warning FailedScheduling 40s (x6 over 11m) default-scheduler 0/13 nodes are available: pod has unbound immediate PersistentVolumeClaims. preemption: 0/13 nodes are available: 13 No preemption victims found for incoming pod…

All pods are in pending status, exception for the zoo-keeper, which is running.

I have tried various options, for example below snippet, but still always getting this error.
volumeSize: 50Gi
storageClass: managed-premium
volumeClaimName: dremio-default-executor-volume

Can someone please help me out identify the problem.