Dremio and CI/CD


We are hosting one Dremio CE instance to gather all kinds of data sources under one umbrella. Lately, we have run into something that forces us to create a couple more Dremio instances in addition to the original instance. No problem so far.

The issue we are trying to tackle right now is that we would like those additional Dremio instances to contain the same exact structure (Spaces, Object Storage, etc.) as the original one. In particular, if we decide to make a change to the original Dremio, we would like to relay those changes to the other two Dremio instances using normal CI/CD practices.

What are our options here? We have looked into the Catalog API, but I hope there is a better approach there than calling the “Get” queries of the Catalog API and carefully constructing specific “Update” queries towards the other two Dremio instances.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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@ilmari Welcome to Dremio Community!

The Dremio Cloner tool built by our Professional Services team may help you out.