Future of Dremio CE (on premise)

Hi all @dremio. I have the feeling that Dremio CE (on premise) support is left besides. That would be a big problem for us, because we are still evaluating Dremio with this edition, and that could prevent us from finally purchasing an Enterprise edition, if we can’t benefit new features…

What are your plans concerning Dremio CE ?

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Hi @fetanchaud Thanks for your feedback, any chance you can tell us why you have that feeling? I can take that feedback to the right team


Hi @balaji.ramaswamy , thank you !
First, Dremio is really amazing, no doubt !

I have this feeling mainly because community server downloads were last updated February 8th,
and there is a pull request for CREATE SCHEMA sql command hanging for two years now.

Do you plan to implement nessie only in the cloud edition ?

Again, thank you for your time.

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@fetanchaud Let me find out more, will get back to you shortly, Thanks again for the feedback

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Dremio CE v21.1 is now available: Index of community-server/21.1.1-202204292111390812-57b1832f/

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@shiley Thanks for posting that, I had posted on a different thread bit missed this one