Dremio as datasource of Grafana

Grafana as a popular data visualisation system, open source, is right now able to connect to quiet few databases. Dremio has the abilities to connect to more, and the point is Dremio can do some database-cross queries as a single SQL. I’m thinking about if Dremio can set itself as a datasource of Grafana, means a Grafana datasource plugin, to make them join together, connect to more types of databases and execute database-cross queires and at last show data.

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Hi Even - did you ever get Grafana --> Dremio working / give it a try? Was going to give it a go and saw your post.

Unfortunately I have not seen any datasource plugin added @ Grafana plugin site. It’s Dremio maybe supposed to do this. Without this I have no idea how to add a customized database driver or something into Grafana to make Dremio available.

@evandeng - I’ll let you know when I get to this as an issue. Might see how hard it is to just write the plugin. I’m doing a comparison of three DB’s behind Dremio so I don’t have to rewrite the Grafana integration 3x.

Updates for whose who cares about this topic.

I found an Apache incubated proj Superset supports Dremio as a datasource. Superset supports more databases than Grafana. I’d go and do some tests.

This is a highly interesting topic, for me at least. I’ve run some tests with Superset and Dremio and it looks quite promising, imo. However, I don’t yet see the level of stability in Superset that Grafana currently provides. I wouldn’t dare to put Superset into a production environment yet.

From what I understand Grafana is mainly used to visualise streaming data from processes and logs. And most if not all charts require a timeseries column. Still, it would be great to see Grafana dashboards powered by Dremio.

I agree, I’d be very happy to see Dremio as a Grafana datasource…