Dremio Cloud - Infinite Queue / Jobs not canceling


Starting yesterday, in one of our clients, it seems that the coordinator in the dremio cloud platform got “stuck”.

One of my colleagues noticed some jobs that were stuck, he, via API, cancelled them and to get a fresh start removed all of the reflections on the platform to start again.

Now on the jobs lists there are several “Drop reflections jobs” stuck and no query can be submitted and run on the platform.

We even tried creating a new engine and setting the queries to this engine but it didn’t help on solving the issue.

My colleague already send a message (Eduardo Guidugli) on the dremio cloud platform and we are waiting for help.

But i’m also sending this here to see if we can get help faster.

Image of the stuck jobs.

At this moment we can’t run any queries and can’t seem to do anything on the platform to solve this…

Hi @Mauricio_Macri

I discussed the issue with your colleague via chat and he let me know that your jobs were no longer stuck. Please let us know if this happens again.