Dremio Update - Version 24.2.2 - Error job was cancelled. Query canceled by Workload Manager

PessoalGuys, greetings.

I need some help from you, we have DREMIO Enterprise by AWS, last week we updated it to Version 24.2.2, the update was successful.

But we started to have errors in the generation of some reflections, the error presented to us is the following: Job xxxxxxx was cancelled. Query canceled by Workload Manager.

Can you help us with this error? Has anyone ever experienced this?

Below is the profile of this update and a log file generated by the talend tool (which extracts the data, copies it to AWS - S3 buckets and then runs the command alter pds refresh metadata force uodate)

Thanks in advance

51ddf1cc-992e-45d3-8b92-9ece028eec40.zip (9,7,KB)

SAP_NEW - ORQUESTRADOR_ZTABLEAU - 20231024210008.zip (3,2,KB)

Pessoal, alguém já passou por isso?

Hi @Gerbasi

It looks like the metadata refresh job was in queue for more than 5 minutes. Did you upgrade from < 21.x? We also need to route metadata refreshes to its own queue and Engine

Will reach out directly as you are Enterprise customer


Hi @balaji.ramaswamy thanks for getting back to me.

Yes we were on version 20.0.0 and went to version 24.2.2


hi @balaji.ramaswamy

In your previous response you said that as we are business customers, someone would contact gete.

how this contact will be made. Well, when we acquired DREMIO it was via AWS and we do not have a direct channel with DREMIO support, can you direct me on how to make this contact.


@Gerbasi Let me check on that and get back to you shortly