Dremio Cloud on Azure

Hi All,
Is Dremio cloud available on azure cloud? Is there a ARM template similar to the cloud formation template for AWS?

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Dremio Cloud on Azure is currently in preview. If you are interested please let us know and we will get you in the program.

Hello Sriraman
Are you looking for the managed “Dremio Cloud” service on Azure, or are you wanting to install Dremio yourself on Azure?
If you are interested in the managed service, please let us know. We already have the Dremio-managed cloud service on AWS and we plan on releasing it for Azure soon.
If you are wanting to install Dremio software yourself into the Azure cloud, then this is already possible, incl ARM template - see Dremio

Sorry for the late response. I was consulting for one of my clients wherein they wanted to migrate to implement a data Lake / lake house platform. They have been working with databricks. I suggested dremio to them. However, they have an existing infrastructure on azure. They are running mongodb(I guess azure cosmosdb as their transactional store) and postgresql as their analytical store. And an azure vm where they do some aggregations and transformations in python before pushing it to postgresql.

In this context, i wanted to check if dremio cloud is available on azure.

They have reached out to dremio for a demo sometime this week.

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