Dremio deployment on Azure

What are the advantages of deploying dremio in aks, instead of Azure ARM?

@sahlavh You can use theK8’s framework so K8’s commands, kubectl commands etc,

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy ,
helm install dremio-cloud-tools/charts/dremio , the command to install dremio chart is not working in azure bash.

Could you help me to find the reason?

@sahlavh Are you able to provide your helm charts for us to review?

@sahlavh dremio-cloud-tools/charts/dremio is deprecated. You need to use dremio-cloud-tools/charts/dremio_v2 instead.

This error in specific is telling you that you need a helm deployment name. If you look at the Helm docs (helm install --help), the correct usage is helm install [NAME] [CHART] [flags]

So try something like:

cd dremio-cloud-tools/charts/dremio_v2
helm install your-deployment-name --namespace your-dremio-ns --wait .