Dremio NodeJS Client API

Hello community,

I have released a Client API for interacting with Dremio in NodeJS:

It is written in TypeScript, but - of course - can be used by code written in JavaScript. It essentially wraps the new REST API in version 2 of Dremio into an idiomatic API so you can build your NodeJS applications and use Dremio easily. An example might be if you’re building a Dashboard where you’re using Dremio to serve up the results.

I currently have one project using this API (https://github.com/christyharagan/dremio-cluster-cloner) which I will be announcing in a separate post.

This isn’t an official API, so please don’t post your questions on how to use it here. Instead, please raise a ticket on the Github page.

I’d be very interested in feedback and suggestions. It’s not finished yet either, and I’ll be adding new features as either I (or someone in the community) requires them. Of course, if you’d like to contribute yourself, I’d be very happy to accept PRs :slight_smile: